Sharing Sessions and Committees

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I.  Sharing Sessions

Sharing Sessions and Standing Committees meet on the 4th Saturday (3rd Sat in December) at the Petaluma Community Center, Petaluma California with the Sharing Sessions at 10:00 AM and the Standing Committees meeting at 11:00 AM.  The actual Area Committee Meeting will convene in the same location at 12:30 PM. and adjourn about 3:30 pm.

Location: Petaluma Community Center (Directions and Map)

320 N. McDowell Boulevard; Petaluma, CA

We have four Sharing Sessions at 10:00 A.M.:  DCMC (closed), DCM (open), Literature/ Grapevine/ La Vina (open), and Accessibilities (open).  The Area Officer for Literature will chair the Lit/GV/La Vina Sharing Session.  The Assembly Coordinator will chair the DCM Sharing Session.

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AA Members may attend any open meeting of a Sharing Session, Standing Committee, or Area Committee Meeting. Voting persons at the Area Meeting are limited to Officers, DCMCs, or DCMs.  In addition to the Officers of the Area Committee, DCMCs and DCMs, the GSRs will vote at the Assemblies, just not at the Area Committee Meeting. Map and location information is above.

The DCMC Sharing Session meets at 10:00 AM as a Closed Meeting of the District Committee Meeting Chairs of each District and/or their Alternate DCMC.

The DCM Sharing Session is facilitated by an Area Officer, usually by the Assembly Coordinator. Meetings at 10:00 AM are open to AA Members who may participate. A majority of the attendees have been elected to serve for a panel as a District Committee Member in their home Districts.  Topics pertain to helping the GSR help their group.  Therefore this meeting is useful to the DCMs who facilitate GSR Sharing Sessions also called Sub-District Meetings (of their home District).  Minutes and some of the topics of the DCM Sharing Sessions can be found as a link in the side panel of the Website, on the site map list and/or listed as a menu item in the About CNCA tab.

A link to the DCM Sharing Session Minutes is under the About CNCA tab, and if not found,  a link was added to the side panel for the DCM Sharing Session Minutes.  Some topics discussed have been posted as PDF, linked to the minutes page.  See the Site Map and the Mapa del sitio to see the location of the Minutes and topics of DCM Sharing, located in the listing of pages under About CNCA.

The Literature/Grapevine/La Viña “Sharing Session” is a Sharing Session meeting at 10:00 AM as an Open Meeting which AA members may attend. It is facilitated by the Literature/GV/La Viña Chair of the Area Committee. Attendees usually hold a Literature/Grapevine/La Viña position in their home District.  This meeting may be interpreted as a service to the attendees, so please bring your AM/FM radios.

Typically, the Sharing Sessions listed above do not normally have a Website Page. The Minutes of the DCM Sharing Session were previous were previously in the Newletters but are now on the Website as a link in the About CNCA tab, or in the side panel.

NOTE:  [CNCA is in the process of changing the technology of the Website so locations may vary slightly as we make the transition.]

II  Standing Committees

Standing Committees are those committees not having a similarly related District component in all 23 Districts of the Area,  and positions on these committees are appointed by the incoming officers of each panel..  These Committees meet at 11:00 AM., in the same location as the Area Meeting.

The Finance Committee is appointed and those wishing to serve have been a DCM or DCMC. Members are appointed by the incoming officers of the new panel, While the Area Treasurer does attend, the Treasurer is not the Chair. The Chair is elected by the members of the committee. This is a closed meeting and those non-members attending are by invitation, if it relates to any topic on the agenda for the day.  They meet at 11:00 A.M. We call this meeting a closed meeting.  Chair email: See Contact Us Page.

The Interpretation and Translation Committee also meets at 11:00 A.M. and it has two components, one for voice interpretation services for  which we use our AM/FM radios with the ear buds at meetings of the Area and at Assemblies, and the other component is for the language translation of paper documents.  Committee members are appointed by the incoming officers of the new panel.  They meet on 11:00 A.M. on the same day as the Area Meeting, (and at the same location.) They elect their chair.  This is an Open meeting, meaning AA Members may attend.  This committee is also called the ” I and T” committee.  Chair email: See Contact Us Page.

The Website Committee is appointed and meets at 11:00 AM at the location of the Area Committee Meeting. This meeting time is  prior to the Area Meeting. The Website committee holds Ad Hoc meetings and/or Meets before 10AM in addition to the 11:00 A.M. meeting while working on projects that need more time.  They elect their chair. This is an Open meeting, meaning AA Members may attend.

Website Chair email: See Contact Us page.


NOTE:  [CNCA is in the process of changing the technology of the Website so locations may vary slightly as we make the transition.]

III.  Sub-Committees

The Sub-Committees have members not appointed by Area Officers but have District Committees with the same topic and these members serving in the related position make up the composition of the Sub-Committees.  Meetings are open to AA Membership. They meet at 11:00 A.M.

The Archives Committee is made up of people serving as the District Archives Chair. We have 23 Districts so any District Archives person would be a member of this Archives Committee.

The Bridging the Gap Committee is attended by the District BTG Chairs, and any interested member of AA may attend as a guest, as the meetings are Open. Meeting time is 11 A.M.

The PI/CPC Committee is attended by people in the Districts doing the work of the Public Information and Cooperation with Professional Community. They meet at 11:00AM and the meeting is facilitated by the Alternate Delegate of the Area.  It is an Open Meeting which may be attended by AA Members, and Interpretation is usually provided so please bring your AM/FM radios if attending this meeting.