Checks Sent to “CNCA”


This page has been created to assist those sending in checks to the Area as contributions, or 7th Tradition contribution.  CNCA also receives contributions from events, conferences, Districts, Intergroup and Individuals, so please tell us which category the contribution is from, if not from a Group.   Thank you.


California Northern Coastal Area General Service

PO Box 884222

San Francisco, CA 94188-4222


  • Please make out your check to:  CNCA
  • Groups: Please include your 6-digit service number on your check which you can find on any correspondence your group has had from the New York General Service Office, or you may ask your District Registrar for the service number.  If you do not have a Service Number, please write the Group’s NAME on the memo line of the Check.  Thank you.
  • Please write some return address on the envelope so Area can send you a receipt.
  • Before mailing please look to ensure there is a date, a signature, and that the amount in words and figures is the same.
  • Please tell us if not from a group, is this from an individual, an Intergroup, a District, a conference or an event.

Thank you for your contribution to CNCA (Area 06)