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Committee Mission and Purpose

Misión y Propósito del Comité

Workday statement

The function of the Archives Committee is to give the members of the Fellowship a sense of its past and an opportunity to study it. Furthermore, it is conceivable that there are members of the non-A.A. professional community who may have an interest in the beginnings and development of A.A. in this area.

The main purpose of the archives, consistent with A.A.’s primary purpose, is to keep the record straight, so that myth does not predominate over fact as to the history of the Fellowship.

The primary task of the Archives Committee will be to collect, store, protect, catalog and organize CNCA historical materials. A secondary task is to provide access as determined by the committee to members of Alcoholics Anonymous and to those of the public who may have a valid need to review such material with a commitment to preserve the anonymity of our members.

Work days are held monthly at our Archives Repository in Walnut Creek and help is always appreciated. For workday dates or directions please contact the Archives Committee Chair.

The Area Archives Committee Business Meeting is held monthly. Our business meeting is open to all members of the fellowship. Go here for meeting dates and zoom ID

For more information please contact the Archives Committee Chair.
Please address any mail to:
CNCA Archives, 185 Mayhew Way, Walnut Creek, Ca 94597

Below are the Forms for the History of your Group. To know our Past is to ensure our Future. Please fill out and send via email or mail to the Archives. Address is on the Form.

CNCA 06 Group History Form

Formulario de Historia del Grupo CNCA 06