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Purpose of the Web Site The purpose of the CNCA 06 website is to carry the Message of Alcoholics Anonymous by providing a digital communication resource to alcoholics, trusted servants, professionals and the public alike; regarding the activities and business pertaining to the California Northern Coastal Area 06 of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Website Committee Policies/Guidelines/Procedures: (approved by Committee December 2018).

Guías, Políticas y Procedimientos del Comité del Sito Web — Diciembre 2018

The CNCA Website Committee meets monthly.  We have open meetings and AA visitors are welcome.

Questions may be referred to Website Committee Chair by going to the Contact Us page on the CNCA website. Our two-year service commitments coincide with the service panels of CNCA 06. To serve on this committee, please write down your name, phone, and e-mail, and give this to any Area officer in the Summer or Fall of the second year of the panel. We welcome your interest.

Types of work: This is a bilingual site with content in English and Spanish, serving the Area’s communication needs for events, newsletters and additional information. We post and update content from the Area, including newsletters, Chair Preview, Delegate’s Corner, motions pages, calendars, event flyers, and other resources of interest to alcoholics and trusted servants throughout CNCA06.  We also develop various projects each panel as time permits.

AA primary purpose content and newcomer content are both topics we address regularly, as well as Self-Support information and other resources. The website content renews or updates each panel, as information comes to this committee via the Chair of the Area Committee. All of our projects relate to bringing AA information to the Website that people can use, and benefit from. New projects are approved by the Website Committee before proceeding, and if it involves new content, it must be approved by the Area Committee as a whole.

This page is edited with the approval of the Website Committee each panel. Our Committee has seven members. Two serve in a technical capacity, taking care of the back end of the website, and two serve as editors. Other positions are available as well. Committee elections are held at the January meeting of each new panel. Ask a Committee member or the Chair of the Committee for more information if you are interested in serving on the Website Committee. Spanish speaking members are needed, as there is a Spanish side of the Website that needs editing as well as the English side of the Website.