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The CNCA Finance Committee has a closed meeting in the morning before the Area Committee Meeting begins at 12:30. Content on this page will be written by the Finance Committee.

CNCA operates on an annual budget of about $100,000 and is predominantly supported by contributions from the more than 2,000 northern California AA groups we serve. Our primary purpose is to carry the message of hope and recovery to alcoholics throughout our area and beyond. To that end the Area operating funds are used to maintain continuous contact and communication with our Districts and the dedicated individuals who serve as District and Group Representatives.

We support the activities of our Public Information/Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee which is directly responsible for disseminating AA’s message through presentations, event participation and public service announcements. This committee also provides information about AA to the wider community of educators, health care professionals legal and corrections professionals, the clergy and industry.

Funds are also used to support Bridging the Gap which provides crucial contact directly with AA to those individuals who are exiting treatment facilities and other institutions.

CNCA holds four Area Assemblies each year. These assemblies provide a direct opportunity for any AA member and each General Service Representative to participate in the process of communication with our Area and Alcoholics Anonymous throughout North America. We fund the activities of our Area Delegate, our direct voice to the General Service Conference during the year.