CNCA06 Group Conscious Form 2024

74th General Service Conference
“A.A.’s Three Legacies – Our Common Solution”

The last day you may use this form or email the delegate with your group’s conscience is April 7, 2024

1) To use this form you will need to have your Agenda Topic Summaries nearby to refer to.
2) Please review your Agenda Topic Summaries and pay attention to the box “What does the Delegate need to know?”
3) Scroll down and choose whether you want to see ALL the Committees Items or ONLY the Committee Items for which you have Group Consciences for.

We have not posted the Agenda Topic Summaries here, as they are confidential material.

This is only one of the ways you can submit your Group Conscience to our Panel 74 Delegate for them to bring to the 2024 AA General Service Conference. You are encouraged to attend the CNCA06 Pre-Conference Assembly April 6th & 7th and share your group consciences there, however, please submit your Group’s Consciences only once, either at the Pre Conference Assembly or by email to the Delegate or by submitting them using this form.

Thanks for your service!

Please note. Once you have selected ‘Yes’ or  ‘No’ for those items where indicated, a text box will then open for you to enter your group’s conscience.

Be especially aware of “What the Delegate Needs to Know”. Many Topics will NOT have a Group Conscious at the Assembly.

If you have technical problems or questions please contact the Web Chairperson here